Obscura by ILFORD Camera 4x5inch Kit art.nr. 19711

Inclusief 10 vel 4x5 Delta 100, 10 vel Multigrade papier, belichtingscalculator en een lichtdichte doos voor het bewaren van belichte films.
Fabrikant: Ilford
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Fabrikantnummer: 1174029
GTIN barcode: 019498174025
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€ 217,45 incl. BTW

De Obscura van Ilford is een 4x5 inch pinhole camera gemaakt in Engeland exclusief voor Ilford.

It uses expanded PVC as the main component and magnets to operate the closing system as well as the ‘shutter’. The pinhole itself is stainless steel chemically etched 0.3mm pinhole, giving superior quality images when exposed and as the image is exposed at the rear of the camera, there's no need for a dark slide. 

The Obscura comes in an ultra high quality sylish presentation box together with a Tripod Mount Adaptor, Set of Decorative Stickers, Obscura Inspiration Booklet, Exposure Calculator, 20 sheets of ILFORD Photographic Paper, 10 sheets of ILFORD Sheet Film and a 3-Tray Box for use with a Changing Bag