Ilford Vlakfilm zwartwit Ortho Plus 18x24cm 25 vel 1813166

Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad - Levertijd 1 tot 2 weken
Fabrikant: Ilford
Fabrikantnummer: HAR1813166
GTIN barcode: 019498813160
€ 276,92 incl. BTW

ILFORD ORTHO PLUS Copy Film is a medium speed fine grain film suitable for studio photography, continuous tone copying, medical and forensic applications. It is available in popular sheet film sizes. ORTHO PLUS can be developed to a normal contrast in ILFORD ID-11 or ILFORD MICROPHEN and to a high contrast in ILFORD PQ UNIVERSAL and ILFORD PHENISOL. ORTHO COPY PLUS Film can be developed in dishes under red safelighting.