Fujifilm Fujichrome Velvia RVP 100 diafilm kleinbeeld 135-36 art.nr. 22115104

Kleinbeeld dia 35mm 36 opnamen 100 ISO.
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Fabrikant: Fuji
Fabrikantnummer: 62018
GTIN barcode: 4547410247657
€ 20,68 excl. BTW
  • Professional-quality, medium-speed, daylight-type, color reversal film with ultrafine grain (RMS : 8) and ultrahigh color saturation through the incorporation of new-generation cyan, magenta and yellow couplers.
  • Suited especially to scenery and nature photography as well as other subjects that require precisely modulated vibrant color reproduction and high image quality.
  • Provides color image stability equal to that of RVP 100F and can be push-processed up to +1 stop with excellent results and little photographic variation.