NML Fotospeed Gum Bichromate Kit art.nr. 610316

Niet meer leverbaar. Discontinued. Kit bestaat uit 5 vel 8x10 inch Canaletto zuurvrij papier, 5 vel 8x10 inch contact film, 250mls each of sizing, sensitising & clearing solutions. 3 tubes waterverf, handschoenen en engelse gebruiksaanwijzing. Additional items required are a water proof coating board to attach the image paper and gummed tape to secure.
Fabrikant: HBG
Beschikbaarheid: Niet op voorraad
Fabrikantnummer: F08710
€ 48,49 excl. BTW

Introduced in 1894 by A. Rouille-Ladevez and allowed a photographer to change or alter many of the tones or details of the image simply by using a brush, pencil or rubber. Many images take on a transformed appearance of a painting - and this is the principal reason why we find the process so enjoyable. 

You coat the paper with gum arabic mixed with a sensitive chemical, which hardens on exposure to Ultra Violet light. Gum bichromate prints have little detail, but may sometimes appear almost like charcoal drawings. Fotospeeds Gum Bichromate Kit replicates all the excitement of this bygone process with all the materials you need in a simple kit. 

You will really love the delicate transparent palette that you can achieve. Once dried, the gum bichromate process results in a permanent pigmented image with unequalled depth.

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