Fotospeed Cyanotype Proces Kit 88587

Kit om cyanotype afdrukken te maken. De kit bestaat uit: 5 vel Fabrianopapier HP 8x10 inch; 5 vel digitaal contact film 8x10 inch; 1 pipet 2ml; 1 flesje 50ml Cyanotypie-werkoplossing; 2 staafjes voor het instrijken met werkoplossing 1x 4 inch en 1x 7 inch
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Fabrikantnummer: F08510
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€ 60,92 incl. BTW

The Cyanotype sensitiser supplied as part of the Cyanotype Kit is in a single working solution, and is an updated version of the original process. This formula uses Ammonium FerricOxalate to give a good blue which does not wash out and is twice as sensitive to UV as thetraditional version. Developmen is in water. A citric acid solution can be used to manipulate contrast. All images are made by the contact system, where the image depends on a negative of the appropriate size or the placement of an object on the sensitised material.